Lenovo likely to kill off Moto X series in ‘Moto Z’ rebranding

moto z

The leak arrives via Evan Blass, who also recently speculated that the devices would feature a modular design. The decision to rebrand the Moto X, and not the fourth-generation Moto G range, suggests that the Moto X series may not be as successful as Lenovo would like.

Lenovo’s adoption of the Moto Z moniker could also affect Verizon-branded Moto devices. Blass wrote that successors to the Droid Turbo 2 and Droid Maxx 2 may instead have “Droid Edition” naming, such as the Moto Z Play Droid Edition and Moto Z Style Droid Edition.

On the same day Blass made this claim, it turns out that Motorola filed a trademark application for “MOTO Z”. While companies trademark names aplenty, with many never being used on products, the evidence for a Moto X rebranding is beginning to mount. 

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Following the acquisition of Motorola from Google in 2014, Lenovo set out to restructure its business with two core brands: Lenovo Moto and Lenovo Vibe. Back in February, Lenovo announced that it had “achieved its stated goals of achieving breakeven in its mobile business four-to-six quarters after the close of the Motorola deal”.