Samsung Galaxy S7 Active release date, price, specs, features

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active release date and price

A new leak gives us an idea of when the Galaxy S7 Active will be unveiled. We have two new renders of what is being reported as the S7 Active, which can be viewed below, and both have the date and time of 12:45 June 10. This could mean that the unveiling is at that time but it’s not yet known. This rumor came from the reliable serial leakster Evan Blass.

The price of the Galaxy S7 Active is unknown but we do know from previous Active releases that they fall near the prices of other flagship devices when they were released. Given the specs and features leaks, we could expect a price lower than $700. We will let you know when we have more information on the price so stay tuned.

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You can clearly see the date and time on the home screen, which may correspond to the unveiling time. / © Venture Beat

The release of the Galaxy S7 Active would be in line with previous releases of the Galaxy S-line. Last year’s release of the Samsung S6 series included the S6, S6 Edge and S6 Active. In fact, the model numbers of the S6 Active and S7 Active seem to be in succession.

A Zuaba (Indian site for export/import data) listing carrying the model number of SM-G891A was spotted and it could be assumed that this is the Galaxy S7 Active model number because the Galaxy S6 Active had the model number of SM-G890A.

This was reported by serial leakster Evan Blass who tweeted that AT&T is testing this device.

More recently, the name Galaxy S7 Active was spotted on a change-log of Samsung’s Level app by SAM Mobile. The log can be viewed below and clearly shows The Galaxy S7 Active after the S7 and before the S7 Edge.

s7 active

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active specs

The specs leaks for the Galaxy S7 Active look promising and we’re hoping they prove to be true when Samsung and AT&T release this new rugged device. The newest rumor shows the S7 Active with a bigger battery than the S7 Edge. According to leakster Evan Blass, the S7 Active could come with a 4,000 mAh battery. That’s 400 mAh bigger than the S7 Edge.

The 5.1-inch display could be a 1440 x 2560 Super AMOLED, the same screen as the Galaxy S7 and the S6 Active – the predecessor to the S7 Active. Samsung made a good move with keeping the display of the previous generation. The device doesn’t need a better display; the S6 Active was already optimal for its active owners.

The biggest changes rumored in the S7 Active are in the hardware. The device could be powered by the Snapdragon 820 backed with 4 GB RAM – that’s 1 GB bigger than the previous generation. We could also see 32 GB of internal memory standard for the device. Although the upgraded chipset is necessary, the extra 1 GB RAM looks like specs sticker shock. 

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active features

We expect the Galaxy S7 Active to have better weatherproofing than the rest of its S7 family but beyond that we can only make speculations based of its predecessor. The S6 Active was an AT&T exclusive (which is why AT&T was reportedly testing the S7 Active) and had the same weatherproofing as the S7 and S7 Edge do now, the IP68. It would then stand to reason that the new version will improve upon this and we could see an even better water and dust proof device.

The camera system on the S7 Active could include a 12 MP camera rear camera, which is 4 MP smaller than its predecessor. But this is not something we need to be worried about. Samsung did this with the S6 to S7 and made up for the fewer number of pixels with dual-pixel technology. We can expect the smartphone giant to do the same with the S7 Active.