HP Inc gives PC gaming a Supercharge and say hello to Acer’s new projectors

 Rather than doing oodles of separate stories on various announcements, we’ll gather them all together on this page, updating daily as new gear is announced. Enjoy!

26 May

HP has just announced a new line of PCs and laptops dedicated to all things gaming. The OMEN by HP line will include the 15.6” diagonal OMEN Laptop,17.3” diagonal OMEN Laptop and the OMEN Desktop with varying price points to appeal to both casual and hardcore PC gamers.

The 15.6” diagonal OMEN Laptop is expected to be available in the UK from 1st July with a starting price of £699.99. The 17.3” diagonal OMEN Laptop is expected to be available in the UK from 1st July with a starting price of £999.99 The OMEN Desktop is expected to be available in the UK from mid-July with a starting price of £999.99.

Acer has just revealed three new projectors that will help turn your home into a bona fide sports stadium. The Acer H7 Series offers 1080p HD resolution and 3D support, while the Acer H6518BD uses ColorPurity+, ColorBoost3D and ColorSafe II technologies with a super-bright 3,200 lumens to bring all your favourite sporting or gaming moments to life in incredible clarity.

Finally, there’s the Acer V7500, which offers true-to-life colours in sRGB, Acer LumiSense+ tech and crisp sound. It also has Acer’s AcuMotion which helps eliminate blurring for an even clearer experience. You can pick up the Acer H7 Series for £649.99, the H6518BD for £569.99 and the V7500 for £649.99 from the official Acer store.

Finally, Huawei is offering a new returns policy for customers who have recently picked up an Honor 5X or Honor 7 smartphone via its online platform, vMall. Customers now have a 60-day money back guarantee for all purchases made before 8 June 2016. Oh, and it’s offering a pick up service, too. Not bad, eh? The idea being customers can try out the product and get a feel for it before choosing to keep it or return the device.

25 May

Kanex has just launched the first USB-C portable battery for MacBooks, so you Apple users can keep your MacBook powered up even when you’re out and about. Best of all, once it’s powered your MacBook, iPhone or iPad the GoPower USB-C wil then start recharging itself to give you even more juice. It’s also packed with 15,000 mAh of power and is capable of charging an iPhone 6s seven times over or a MacBook once. You can grab one today from the official Kanex online store for £99.95.

Elsewhere, a smart toothbrush has bagged a $1 million prize in an Intel reality TV show. America’s Greatest Makers, which saw 24 teams of inventors go head to brainy head to win the top investment prize. The only catch was every product designed on the show had to feature Intel’s Curie module, which the firm hopes will power future connected devices. The winning team, Grush, came up with asmart toothbrush for kids that turns brushing your pegs into a fun activity when paired with a smartphone mini-game.

Finally, Samsung is looking to gain the attention of gamers with the introduction of two gaming-centric apps to its Smart TV lineup. Gamefly Streaming andPlayStation Now, which both offer streaming access to hundreds of console titles (PlayStation Now’s is especially good if you’re looking to access PS3 titles). You can download versions of each service to your Samsung Smart TV Hub now.

Wait, before we wrap up for the day, we should mention the new VR headset setup from Brian May. Yes, actual Brian May from Queen. Famously a huge fan of VR tech and stereoscopy, May has helped come up with the OWL VR Smartphone Kit. The OWL is unique in the fact it can turn any smartphone (yup, ANY smartphone) into a VR experience. Finally, iPhone and Windows Phone users can join the future!

The new OWL VR Smartphone Kit takes the existing OWL Stereo Viewer (which has been in use since 2009) and, through use of a simple fold-down adaptor, enables its use with a smartphone not only to view online 3-D images, but also those taken by the user, and commercially available virtual reality content. You can pick one up for £25 from mid June via the official London Studio store.

24 May

Sidekix is a new navigation app that’s all about building walking routes based on themed preferences. Rather than giving you fastest or shortest route, Sidekix remembers all your favourite passions and instead creates routes that takes you to some the best locales in your area. Want to take a stroll and take in the best bars and restaurants? Sidekix has you covered. Want to find the best cultural hotspots while on holiday? Sidekix can help you there too. It’s a pretty nifty little bit of software, and you can download it for free on Andoird and iOS.

Overwatch, the super-hyped multiplayer arena shooter arrives today on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Coming from Blizzard (it of World of Warcraft fame), Overwatch had one of the biggest turn outs for its open beta earlier in the month and with 24 different heroes to choose from (many of which you can switch between mid-round), it’s proving an early Game of the Year contender already.

Finally, we’ve got the Hue White Ambiance from Philips. Part of Philips’ Hue range, the White Ambiance is all about creating relaxing and stimulating moods in your home using the calming power of white light. This white light comes in a number of tinted shades to give your home just the lighted feel you’re after and can be controlled by the Philips Hue app or via the Hue Dimmer Switch included with the starter pack. Available now in the UK, the Philips Hue white ambiance starter kit retails at £99.95, with the Philips Hue white ambiance single bulb coming in at £25.95.

23 May

Geo has just released the latest version of its sleek smart thermostat, the Cosy, featuring advanced features and new functionality. The Cosy 3 can now work with a twin zone heating system – this means you can pair a second Cosy display and connect the two rooms together to create a connected network of temperature regulated rooms.

You can now control the hot water in your home with your Cosy 3 – as long as you have a water tank installed, and you buy a hot water extension pack you’ll be able to switch the hot water and on off using the same bespoke Cosy app you use to control the temperature in your home. Pretty nifty, huh? Prices vary, with a Cosy Smart Thermostat Single Zone + Installation coming in at £249.95 and aCosy Smart Thermostat Single Zone with Hot Water + Installation costing £279.95.

For those looking to double up their zones, prices include Cosy Smart Thermostat Twin Zone + Installation (£324.95) and Cosy Smart Thermostat Twin Zone with Hot Water + Installation (£354.95). All of these are also available without installation for a reduced price. However, if you purchase one through the official geo website you can book installation at a time that suits you.

In other news, it looks like the RHS are bringing a little bit of future tech to this year’s Chelsea Flower Show with augmented reality. The show, which takes place from tomorrow until Saturday will feature stands using the Blippar app – users will then able to scan the Chelsea Flower Show catalogue using their smartphones and ‘blip’ new content (coolspeak for unlocking additional media such as interviews by scanning certain pages). Users will also be in with a chance of winning tickets to this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (5-10 July).

20 May

Looking for some new apparel for your summer cycling training? Then the newdhb Aeron Speed Bib Shorts are the perfect addition to wardrobe. Made with Revolutional® Energy fabric, the added coldblack® nishing, these fancy bib shorts will actively reduce the absorption of heat rays while in direct sunlight.

The shorts have strong elastic that braces while offering a serious level of comfort, and its CyTech Elastic Inferface will keep your muscles supported during your ride. All that extra padding and Comp HP chamois will make any ride feel comfortable, especially those up to six hours long.

Music tech veterna Pro-Ject Audio Systems turns 25 his year, so to celebrate its quarter century the firm unveiled a brand new bit of kit at the Munch High End Show earlier in the month. A definite slice of nostalgia, ‘The Classic’ turntable that offers all the mod cons you’d expect from a modern ‘table with a few nods to the classic designs the Vienna-based company was selling back in the day.

‘The Classic’ has a two-plinth design uses Thermo Plastic Elastomers (TPE) to isolate the sub-chassis, rather than the traditional method of a spring-loaded sub-chassis which would often take a lot of tuning to sound perfect. The idea here is to make the turntable as easy and as accessible as possible. The Classic turntable is available in Eucalyptus, Rosenut or Walnut finishes and comes with all the tools you need to set it all up. Pick one up from June for £799 from all good audio tech stockists.

19 May

This is the Tailfin, a new Bristol-based creation that turns the humble bike rack into something light, simple and attractive. The rack itself is made from carbon fibre so its super light, and features a quick release mechanism so you can attach to and it remove it from your two-wheeled vehicle of choice with ease. It comes with its own sleek back pannier bag, but the rack’s design also fits other pannier bags so you don’t have to just use Tailfin versions. It’s currently on Kickstarter now, with 12 days left having already hit its £50,000 goal by almost 200%. You can pre-order one today for just £152 (rack only).

Carry case designers Twelve South (who design bags purely for Apple products) have just launched the TimePorter, a new travel case crafted exclusively for the Apple Watch. The leather case will keep your favourite new smart wearable safe if it’s not strapped to your wrist and has enough space to also store a charging cable, a USB charger, extra straps and more. Available from 31 May for £44.99, the TimePorter is a stylish choice for any self-respecting Apple Watch owner. You can pre-order one in white or black leather on Amazon.

The new Selle Royal TA+TOO is a range of saddles made with urban cyclists in mind. The big selling point here is its customisation – you can snap different versions together to create your own unique design. With a special snapping system, the removable nature of the saddle also means you can take your new seat with you without risking losing it to thieves. You can pick one a base set from the official Selle Royal store for €35 (roughly £27).

18 May

Strava just announced Live Segments have come to mobile for those using the Premium version of its running and cycling activity tracking app. Live Segmentsprovide you with a live update on progress using audio cues and a top-down tracker that shows your performance against other users who have used that route (and your personal best). If you take your training super seriously, or you’re just looking for a little more motivation when pounding the tarmac, this is for you. Strava’s Premium version currently costs £3.99 a month or £39.99 for a year’s membership.

Microsoft’s fitness tracker range, the Microsoft Band, has just added a brand new feature for budding hikers – the Explore tile. The new feature, which arrives in a free update, uses the wearables built-in GPS and barometer to track anything from a simple rural stroll to a proper mountain ascent. The Explore tile will also aim to use less battery to keep your Band going when out rambling, while updates on sun exposure levels, inclement weather and reminders to hydrate will keep you in the know at the right times. You can pick up a Microsoft Band 2 today from Argos for £149.99.

Zen master of all things cool and audio-related, Bang & Olufsen is releasing a new black edition of its BeoLab 18 wireless speaker, now with a smoked oak lamella finish. It’s very Scandinavian and very B&O with its black anodized aluminium and raw wood combination and probably wouldn’t look out of place in the background of a Wallander episode. It performs just as great as the regular BeoLab 18, with a full acoustic sound and wireless connectivity that links it up to other smart B&O products via BeoLab Multiroom. The black BeoLab 18 starts from £3730 for a pair. The Smoked Oak covers are an additional cost of £870 for a pair.

Hoping to improve your golf game? Feel like your par could do with sprucing up? Well, sounds like you need a personal tech assistant to follow you onto the green and analyse your swing and putt. The Zapp 2, a small yellow smart device that straps to the outside of your leading hand, will measure the timing, speed and force of your swing and provide you with an evaluation via its bespoke iOS and Android app. It works via Bluetooth LE and has an eight-hour battery life so you can get a full day’s swinging under your belt and still grab every last bit of data. You can get one today for £129.99 from John Lewis.

17 May

Motorola has just announced a 2016 update to the Moto G, the budget-friendly smartphone. The small handset is thinner than previous generations, with larger a 5.5” full HD display and 13MP camera. It packs a 3000 mAh battery and octa-core processor. There are actually two versions of the G – the G and the G Plus. They have the same screen size, but the Plus also features a fingerprint sensor, 16-megapixel camera with added laser focus (over 13MP in the standard G). What do you expect to pay for these reasonably specc’ed smartphones? Just £169 for the G, and £199 for the G Plus. That’s excellent value!

Audio hardware firm Focal has just unveiled its new Sopra home loudspeaker range with four new models, including the flagship N°3 floorstander and three home cinema speakers – the Sopra Center, Surround Be and the SW 1000 Be subwoofer. Their products offer a serious level of tone, range and bass and you can pick any of the range up from June.

If you’re looking to give you smartphone a clean with a difference, why not try out a Shark Proof? The screen protector kit uses a wipe-on liquid that creates a protective layer over your phone screen. It’s based on smart nano tech that’s used to airplane and skyscraper windows, so it’s pretty durable. You can pick up a pack for £14.95 from a number of stockists including Amazon.

16 May

D-Link has just announced the launch of its new wireless camera, the Wide Eye HD 180Ëš Panoramic Camera (DCS-960L). The firm is presenting it as a multifunction tool, one that removes the need to have more than one camera thanks to its 180 degree viewing angle. Since many fixed cameras only offer around 130 degrees, that extra field of view would make shelling out for another camera a tad silly.

Since it doesn’t need to pan or tilt, it’s less likely to be seen by intruders either so the Wide Eye HD 180Ëš Panoramic Camera is a perfect fit for your home or office security needs. It’s also really easy to set up straight out of the box, so having one installed won’t be the headache you’re expecting.

“Cameras with this advanced level of technology are normally reserved only for businesses,” says Paul Routledge, D-Link country manager, UK and Ireland. “But we know that home security is high on people’s agendas. The Wide Eye HD 180Ëš Panoramic Camera (DCS-960L) is a new way to achieve the ultimate surveillance of a room from a single device. There is no longer any cause to worry about missing any details.”

With a 16GB MicroSD and 720 HD video quality, you can pick one up now for £122.48 (EXC. VAT).

13 May’s new wearable, the dial, has just gone on sale here in the UK. Available exclusively through Three, the new smartwatch uses a bespoke voice recognition software called AneedA which enables you to switch between tasks and access over 20 million songs. AneedA has been designed to function like your personal AI, and she can do anything from compile playlists to searching for taxis and local eateries.

Rather than being paired to a smartphone, the dial instead uses a Three sim card so it’s much more of an all-rounded wearable. It’s also 3G, Bluetooth, WI-FI and GPS enabled, and has a 1.63” AMOLED screen with a two Megapixel front-facing camera. Pricing starts at £22 per month with a £49 upfront cost or £25 per month with a £19 upfront cost on a 24-month contract.

Huawei has just announced its super-lightweight P9 Lite handset is coming to the UK this month from EE, O2, Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse. And while it may be only 147g with a 7.5mm depth, it’s still packing a 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera and a HiSilicon Kirin 650 octocore processor.

LG has just announced a new active camera wearable, the Action Camera with LTE. That LTE functionality means you connect to site such as YouTube and livestream your run or cycle as it happens, so definitely one for those livestreaming athletes among you. Being an Action Camera, it’s completely protected from dust, sand and can be immersed in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. It records video in UHD 30fps / FHD 60fps / HD 120fps as well as streaming in HD 30fps.

12 May

Garmin has just unveiled the the Forerunner 735XT – a top-of-the-line running and fitness tracker that packs in GPS and Elevate wrist heart rate monitoring into a lightweight, Blaze-esque design. It can track myriad sports and activities including running, swimming, hiking, cycling, weight training and even paddle sports.

Better yet, it’s the first device to come with the Strava Live Suffer Score app pre-installed so users can track how hard they have been working based on heart rate data. You can also download additional apps so you can customise its functionality like any other smartwatch. It’s now available in black and grey/midnight blue/frost blue for £359.99. It’s also available in a nice run bundle (which adds in HRM-Run) for £389.99 – there’s also a triple-bundle (includes HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim) for £449.99.

Navigation specialists Tom Tom has just announced a new, traffic-minded feature for its free smartphone-based MyDrive app. The Tom Tom Traffic Checker, which is now included as part of the app, enables you to check your route to work/home for congestion and tailbacks, find out why they’re happening and plot alternative routes home. It’s availanle on iOS and Android now.

Display-centric firm AOC has just revealed the latest monitor in its Style line – the 27″ AOC Q2781PQ. It comes with a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440) as well as a new 4-side ‘borderless’ AH-IPS panel, as well as a sleek asymmetrical stand. It also comes with plenty of video ports and bespoke Flicker Free tech to ensure your display never loses that crisp output. If you’re interested, the AOC Q2781PQ will be available for purchase from July 2016.

Samsung has just announced that its 2016 SUHD TV line-up is now available to buy here in the UK. With plenty of Ultra HD Premium sets, the world’s first bezel-less curved design and IOT software as standard making them some of the smartest TVs on the market. Samsung’s SUHD TV’s, (including the KS9800, KS9500, KS9000, KS8000, KS7500 and the KS7000) come with true-to-life picture quality thanks to its HDR 1000 technology.

Samsung is adamant that SUHD and its 10-bit Quantum Dot Display tech is the future of high-def viewing – and while the jury’s out on that particular claim, we did get a chance to see some of these SUHD sets at CES, and we’ll be getting one in for review shortly so watch this space.

11 May

When it comes to activity trackers and wearables for us adults, the can get pretty samey and – dare we say it – a little boring at times. But what about ones aimed at kids? Are they as forgettable as some of the ones we use? Well, for tech startup Technology Will Save Us, the answer is combining the ability to code with the need to keep active and fit.

Its creation, the Mover Kit, has just launched on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter and its aimed at letting kids turn its programmable wearable into a variety of tools. You can turn it into a light game, strap to your bike as a colourful accessory or an activity tracker that straps to your wrist and tracks your performance.

It’s easy to put together straight out of the box and comes with a bespoke bit of online software (called Make) that’s been designed with urging kids to code whatever their imagination can envision. With its motion sensor (accelerometer), compass (magnetometer) and rainbow lights (LEDs), kids can do everything from making motion games to making an Iron Man-style arc reactor for a costume.

The Kickstarter campaign, which is looking to raise $50,000, is offering the Mover Kit and access to the free Make platform for as little as $45, so if you’re looking to get your kids active and more interested in coding, this is definitely one to keep you eye on.

10 May

When it comes to ‘action camera’ tech, the likes of GoPro have helped athletes and adrenaline junkies capture their most insane stunts, but what about those of us who want to capture footage in a way that fits into our everyday lives? To answer that question, leading camera specialist Drift has come up with theCompass – a light, comfortable wearable camera that offers up to two hours of footage at 1080p HD.

Removing the need for uncomfortable harnesses and the like, the Compass simply straps or sticks to you allowing for easy POV footage or liveblogging. You can stream footage live or capture large reels of raw footage for later. And at just 34g, you’re barely going to even register its weight. Due for release shortly, it’ll be available in black for only £99.99.

Home tech makers Dualit has revealed new additions to its every growing range of sleek, ergonomic kitchen gadgets including Dualit Hand Blender Set (£80 – perfect for whizzing up a quick smoothie after the gym), the Dualit Dual-Max Juicer (£99.99 – ideal for those morning juicing sessions before heading off to work), the classic Dualit Blender (£149 – its 1,000W power will pulverise even the toughest foods) and the Dualit XL1500 Food Processor in Polished Chrome for £259. They’re all available now from leading electronics retailers and Dualit’s official online store.

UK audio wizards KitSound has just revealed its latest product – a stylish set of Bluetooth in-ear headphones – the Euphoria Bluetooth. Using aptX technology (a type of software that sends a clear audio signal across Bluetooth) in conjunction with its own ear for high-quality audio and crisp sound, KitSound has rustled up a bit of kit that’s ideal for any use. Going for a run? On the bus to work? These slick headphones will help you avoid getting tangeld with wires while still offering a powerul in-ear experience. Available now for £50 on Amazon and KitSound’s own website.

9 May

Audio specialist Sennheiser has teamed up with digital recording firm Apogee to create a new bundle that brings the best of both companies’ products into one super-team bundle. The offer includes Sennheiser’s slick HD 650 open, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones (offering crisp bass, powerful mid-frequency and natural treble) and Apogee’s Groove (which provides many of the features of a larger scale DAC and slims it down into a small form factor headphone amp that you can take anywhere.

Together, the two products have some serious audio chops so the team-up makes a lot of sense for serious audiophiles who like to nail the best sound quality on the move. The combo will be available via Sennheiser’s official online shop at the end of June for £490.

With EA and DICE having revealed the latest entry in the Battlefield series, the oddly-named Battlefield 1, fan attention is now turning to the content DICE will be supporting the game with come release. The Battlefield games have always offered a Premium service that essentially works as a long-running season pass that drops large DLC packs with extra maps, mode and weapons.

While something similar is likely planned for Battlefield 1 when it launches it alt-history WW1 wares this October, there will be some free bits of DLC too. Along an already revealed Harlem Hellfighters pre-order pack there will be a free map drop for all players who pre-order the game via EA’s online delivery platform, Origin. The maps will release on day one for those that pre-order, and will be available to everyone else a week later for free.

6 May

The Euros and Olympics are looming this summer. Can’t get to the game? Then bring the stadium to you, with the super-size image of the Optoma HD141X Full HD and 3D projector.

This natty bit of kit gives a super-sized picture – perfect for gaming, TV and films but also ideal for this year’s massive summer of sport.

Easy to plug-in and play, its two HDMI inputs allow games consoles, Blu-ray players or digital television set top boxes to be simultaneously connected, making switching between sources literally the push of a button. And its powerful built-in speaker avoids the hassle and cost of having to connect external speakers.

Tired of the rigmarole that comes with trying to hire a car for business or pleasure? You’re not the only one – thankfully, the bright sparks at White Carhave come up with a new service that enables you to hire a car with nothing more than a simple app for iOS and Android. Better yet, this, “arrive and drive,” service will give UK users the first chance to drive the sleek new Tesla S 90D.

Set to launch over here in the summer, White Car will have five new shaped Teslas ready for driving from 1 August. You can even start pre-ordering access to the service to get yourself in with a chance of hiring a sleek new Tesla number. With four-wheel drive and a range of 300 miles on a single charge, the S 90D makes for an ideal rental vehicle. And with the tariff starting at £149 a day with unlimited mileage.

White Car will start operating from London Heathrow Airport, with your Tesla S 90D delivered personally for those living within 50 miles of Heathrow For those living further afield, White Car will deliver one to you at the cost of a single day’s rental.

5 May

To celebrate the build-up to the announcement to the next entry in the semi-realistic shooter series Battlefield, EA is making a number of its DLC expansions for 2013’s Battlefield 4 and 2015 spin-off Battlefield Hardline. It’s all part of EA’s ‘Road to Battlefield’ campaign as the publisher counts down the days to the reveal of what is expected to be Battlefield 5 tomorrow (6 May).

On the Battlefield Hardline side of things you can now download the entire Robbery DLC expansion, which includes four expansive new maps, a new game mode (Squad Heist) and plenty of new weapons and gadgets to bag the ultimate score. On the Battlefield 4 side of things, Dragon’s Teeth is now gratis with four urban-based maps, a new mode (Chain Link) and remote control vehicle gadget the RAWR. Best of all, these two DLC drops are free on every platform including PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Elsewhere, British loudspeaker manufacturer KEF has just unveiled a new version of its award-winning MUO portable Bluetooth speaker – this time with a stylish and bold finished called ‘Brilliant Rose’. It’s still got the same robust aluminium shell (as well as a cute little leather case to keep it safe from scratches).

If you haven’t already picked up one of these, you can grab one from Amazon UK or from while stocks last. It’s currently retailing in the UK for £39.95 and €49.95 in the EU. With the fluid midrange and tight bass you’d expect from the MUO, this is definitely an impressive portable speaker with a colour as loud as its volume.

4 May

HP has just announced the new range of models in its long-running Pavilion range including the stylish new Pavilion x360. The Pavilion x360 will come in five sumptuous colours with a new digital thread design along the keyboard deck. The new 15.6″ diagonal model joins the 11.6″ and 13.3″ models with a special geared hinge inspired by the HP Spectre x360.

All of HP’s new Pavilion PCs are thinner and lighter than the previous generation and each one comes with Prismatic Lithium ion battery cells for longer battery life and HP Fast Charge, a feature HP says can charge your PC up to 90% in 90 minutes. Prices range from the 11.6″ diagonal x360 at £279 to the 17.3” diagonal HP Pavilion priced up at £899. Each one will be available in the UK from 1 August.

Elsewhere, Samsung’s UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player has been certified as ‘UHD Premium’ by the UHD Alliance (UHDA). This means the UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player offers four times the resolution and 64 times higher colour expression than conventional Blu-ray players – perfect if you’re thinking about upgrading your home entertainment setup to the glory of 4K.

Denon Electronics had revealed a few upgrades to its growing HEOS multi-room smart device network, with a few new items thrown in for good measure. The sound system network will soon feature Bluetooth functionality so you can stream your favourite tunes direct to your chosen Denon speaker products. Meanwhile, the new HEOS (HS2) will add another layer of high resolution audio to your home setup, giving those chosen tunes all the justice they deserve.

Garmin has just revealed the vivomove, a activity tracking wearable that aims to monitor your fitness stats and look fashionable. It tracks your steps and sleep activity, and has a prompt on the watch face to remind you to keep active when you’re starting to veg out on the sofa. It comes with a one-year battery life and a water rating of 5ATM (meaning it can withstand depths of up to 50m).

You can pick up the sport version for £139.99 (in black or white), the classic version for £179.99 (with a leather band) or premium for £239.99 (with a leather band AND stainless steel – nice).

3 May

Samsung has just announced the 2016 take on its A series of smartphones. The new Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 offer plenty of features including a crisp sAMOLED display, a camera with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) to prevent image blurring and a tough Gorilla Glass exterior. The A3 has a 4.7-inch screen while the A5 boasts a 5.2-inch one to its name, with both models featuring a tweaked battery for longer life on each charge.

Available in black, white and gold (depending on your chosen retailer), the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 also come with microSD slots so you can easily upgrade your capacity, too. Both models will available to buy from 5 May in the UK.

When he’s not winning Grammy’s or mentoring the next pop sensation on The Voice, music maestro is launching a new voice-enabled wearable, dial. Aimed directly at the smartwatch market, the dial is 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS enabled and boasts a 1.63″ AMOLED screen (with a 2 megapixel front-facing ‘selfie’ camera, naturally) and you can store all those hipster snaps thanks to the 32GB of on-board memory. With AneedA voice-recognition tech and over 20m music tracks on, this looks like a serious contender.

Unlike plenty of other smartwatches, the dial doesn’t need to be tethered to another smartphone – instead it acts completely independently. So you can make calls, send texts, check your email and more – all you need is a SIM. Three has signed on as an exclusive partner for the dial in the UK, with a £22 per month contract with a £49 up front cost, or a 24-month contract with a monthly charge of £25 and an upfront cost of £19. For more info, head on over to the official site.

Navigation experts Tom Tom has just launched a new range of smart devices to keep you on the right track (and road, for that matter). The Start series offers an unprecedented map of every speed zone in the country (which is a lot when you consider there are 325 average speed zones as it is) so you can be sure your new dashboard-based friend will know exactly what speed you should be going while on your onward journey.

Users also get access to Lifetime Maps, ensuring you’ll never need another paper map again with a comprehensive (and up-to-date) collection of maps covering the entire nation. The Smart series also come with Advanced Lane Guidance software to ensure you’ll never miss a junction or be in the wrong lane again when approaching a beefy roundabout.

The Start 42. 52 and 62 come with 4.3″, 5″ and 6″-inch screens respectively so you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the write one for you. The Smart 42 and 52 are available now with prices starting at £109.99. The 62 will be available in July.

And finally, the LG G5 has just received its next big update, and its added plenty of new features to an already impressive package. Due in the next several weeks, the update sees the return of the ‘Home drawer’ (a popular Android feature you’ll usually find in most models). Now you can keep all your downloaded apps in the right place and access them with ease.

There’s also the addition of a ‘burst’ shooting mode for the LG CAM Plus, which adds a DS-LR style mode to your existing camera setup – for those hoping to use their LG G5 for more serious photography, this new feature will definitely appeal.

28 April

Ahhh, the 1980s. That bastion of nostalgia that seems to splurge out all matter of icons hoping for another swing at superstardom. Thankfully this time it isn’t Rambo again, but rather the return of the once wrist-bound must-have, the POP Swatch.

The firm is launching nine brand new versions – the black and white POPdancing, POPmoving and POPlooking, the three coloured POPalicious, POPiness and POPpingpop and the neon/pop art infusion of the POPover, POPtastic and POPthusiasm.

With prices ranging with £54 and £57, the New POP Collection will be just as creative as its 80s incarnations with POP accessories that enable you to hang them from neck chains or turn them into funky pocket watches.

Elsewhere, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just announced the first wave of titles its releasing in 4K Ultra HD. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Salt, Hancock, Chappie, Pineapple Express, and The Smurfs 2 will be some of the first new flicks to hit the super special disc format, with plenty more from the Sony vaults already planned including Bad Boys and Taxi Driver. These will arrive in stores next month on 23 May.

Still sick of all this decidedly wintery spring weather? Then you need to get yourself an insulated vest guaranteed to keep you warm and make you looking dapper while you’re at it. The OMM Rotor Vest with PrimaLoft® Gold insulationis really light-weight at only 135g (with 40g of super warm PrimaLoft insulation to keep you toasty). It’s also windproof and water resilient so it’s perfect for those rainy and blustery days we seem to be enjoying here in April. It’s available now in XS-XL for £69.99.

27 April

Love golf? Love wearables? You’re in luck – Garmin has just announced theApproach X40, its latest long-walk-ruined-friendly smart wearable.

Along with daily stat tracking and a heart rate monitor for normal use, it also comes pre-loaded with golf data from 40,000 different international courses. It can measure the distance of your shot with GPS-based AutoShot tracking, as well as offering the ability to review your performance post-round with Garmin Connect.

It’s due to hit shelves later in the summer with a current AUS$400 price tag attached – that’s roughly £202. Head over to the official Garmin site for more info on its golf and wearable ranges.

Telecommunications firm EE has just revealed a new deal that will see it exclusively stock the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in ‘Pearl White’. The UK-based offer will also offer access to EE’s Double-Speed 4G and 4G+ speeds as well as Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling services for those that pre-order it.

In security news, Master Lock has just released a new portable safe for keeping all your valuables safe while on the move. The 5900 Series Portable Safe is shock and water resistant and is compact enough to store items such as your smartphone, passport, wallet and more There’s also a cable port so you can still listen to tunes on your phone while it’s safely locked away. The 5900 Series Portable Safe is now available with a suggested price of £29.99 (in white or grey, if a safe’s colour is important to you).

Finally, Jaguar Land Rover has just announced a new partnership with Tile, the firm behind the useful Tile tabs that help you find lost keys and other important items that always seem to go walkies just when you need them.

The deal will see Tile’s item tracking technology integrated into Jaguar Land Rover’s own InControl apps to ensure those driving the manufacturer’s newUpdated Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV won’t ever leave anything import behind the next time they leave their car. The Updated Discovery Sport isavailable in the UK now for £31,095.

25 April

American electronic manufacturer Harman Kardon has just pulled back the curtains on the latest version of its popular wireless speaker, the Go +Play. This new sleeker version (we reviewed the original back in 2013 – see above) is bursting with new features, including Bluetooth connectivity (you can now link up to three smart devices to it) for some streaming audio action, built in rechargeable battery with up to eight hours of play time on a full charge (you can even charge your smartphone with it via USB) and more.

You can even link it wirelessly up to Harmon Kardon dual sound enabled speakers to take your playlist to the next level. It’s also available in two swish-looking colours and should be read for purchase next month for £249.99.

Following on from the launch of the Raspberry Pi3 in February, element14 are continuing to support the mini computer with the addition of two new upgraded cameras. Priced at $25, the the Raspberry Pi Camera v2 and Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera v2 are backwards compatible with previous versions of the Pi and are perfect for use with everything from drones to home CCTV setups. Perfect if you’re looking to add a new dimension to your Raspberry Pi3 creatio

At the end of last week, Acer lifted the lid on the Xplova X5 Cycling Computer, which tracks all your stats while out on a ride then tranposes them onto video captured by its in-built HD camera. Pretty nifty right? If you’re the kind of rider that loves apps such as Strava, where posting better times and smoother rides is the name of the game, the Xplova X5 is ideal.

It tracks stats such as distance, speed, cadence and can even track heart rate thanks to an additional monitor. Being able to bring footage and those all important details into one is a brilliant feature and one that will definitely appeal to those with two wheels on the brain. There’s no set release date yet, but Acer has confirmed it’ll be sometime later in the year.

22 April

Johnnie Walker – purveyor of fine whisky – has launched Earth Mode – a plugin for Google Chrome that enables you to calculate your online carbon footprint. Research by Carbon Analytics suggests that the average online user consumes 130 kgs of carbon a year – the equivalent to driving 740 km in a car – which could be offset by planting four trees. Johnnie Walker says it will plant up to 75,000 trees as part of Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project, which has planted more than three million trees since 2011 in areas in need of reforestation, such as in East Africa.

First up we have the sleek new set of headphones from Japanese electronic wizards Pioneer, the SE-MHR5. Okay, perhaps not the sexiest of names but thankfully the cups themselves are very more attractive where it counts. Forming part of its Pure Audio range, the SE-MHR5 comes with a closed back design for noise isolation, 7Hz to 50kHz frequency for a higher clarity of audio and a foldable design for easy storage.

With all that balanced base and tone, the SE-MHR5 will set you back a smooth £199.99 with a nice black finish to close the deal. You can pick them up from most electronics retailers right now. Head over to the Pioneer site for more info on the Pure Audio range.

Marantz has just announced the latest addition to its growing audio and home theatre range – the NR1607 AV reciever. Sleek and compact, this receiver has discrete power transistors on seven different channels, dual antennas, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and dual band for peerless audio quality. That last feature is strong enough to connect to AirPlay or Spotify even in loud and crowded Wi-Fi areas, enabling you to stream your audio content straight to your home theatre or home audio setup.

It’s hard to find these many features on a model with as small a form factor as this, so we’re really impressed with the NR1607. Retailing for $699 (roughly £486), Marantz says it should be available for purchase sometime in May.

Finally, we have the Arlo Q Plus camera from Netgear. Whether you’re looking to beef up surveillance at your workplace or are simply hoping to improve your security setup at home, the Arlo Q Plus is an ideal choice. It’s capable of 1080p high-def footage, two-way audio and a free seven-day-a-week free cloud storage service for saving those all important reels of film.

It can connect to any existing network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, meaning you can easily add it to your current system or simply use as a jumping off point for a new security setup at home. You can even set it all up within minutes using your iPhone or Android device. Not bad eh? It’ll be available here in the UK for £199.99 from next month.

21 April

The Fire, Amazon’s super-popular e-reader (and fastest ever selling tablet) is getting an upgrade with increased internal storage and a range of new colours to keep your new device colour coded with your home/bag of choice. The new versions now have 16GB of storage so you’ll have tons of more space for all those digital magazines and e-books (and no need to keep deleting your favourite old titles to make space).

Alongside this new edition in magenta, blue and a brave tangerine (available at£49.99 for an 8GB version and £59.99 for the 16GB), Amazon is also gearing up to release a new Fire Kids Edition, which add that same 16GB for the original price of £99.99. Not bad eh? You can pre-order both of these new takes on the Amazon Fire now with a shipping date of 28 April.

Elsewhere, SanDisk has just launched its brand new iXpand Flash Drive range. It offers a cool 128GB of additional space for your iPad or iPhone device, all for a paltry £34.99. When it comes to all that extra space for photos and home videos on your tablet, that kind of memory real estate doesn’t come much cheaper.

The iXpand Flash Drive also comes with a flexible Lightning connector and USB 3.0 connector (with encryption software) so you can take all those photos, films and other important bits of media and keep them safe without slowing your device down to a stone age crawl. It’s been designed to fit most iPhone and iPad cases you pick one up today if you’re ready to get savvy with your mobile memory.

20 April

Should you have a love for all things retro matched only by your desire to blend all your foods into oblivion, then Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg has just the thing for you – the ’50s-styled Smeg Slow Juicer. Forming part of the firm’s growing range of products with a mid-20th century vibe, the Slow Juicer features a cold extraction Slow Squeezing Technology that, according Smeg, will preserve the cells of the fruits or vegetables you’re blending into a smoothie.

The Slow Juicer’s worm screw has also been designed to act like a manual juicer with added pressure, so you can be sure whatever ing.