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Clenbuterol Effects: Does it Magically Melt Away Fat or Not?

Are you wondering about the results of clen? Great results can be seen with the use of Clen when combined with a good workout routine and a healthy diet. No one can just relax thinking that Clen will do the job of burning fat. Only when you exercise, the fats stores in fat cells turn into triglycerides which can be eliminated by Clen. Else, the food intake will convert into energy and fat and will be stored in fat cells. Hence, great results can’t be seen.

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Be informed that there are side effects of using Clen for weight loss. There’s no doubt that this drug gets rapid weight loss, but the long term side effects of Clen make people think about it’s use and many use it for a short term only. Using it for a short term and in appropriate doses will result in quick weight loss and later on, in order to keep up with the lost weight, you would need to change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy living along with regular exercise.

Clen has a side effect of heart palpitations. Hence, many body builders do not consider doing cardio exercises while taking Clen.

How does it work: a knowhow

Clenbuterol works on the Central nervous System to slightly increase the body’s internal temperature which increases the metabolism rate and hence results in maximum fat burn.

Clen stimulates beta-2 receptors which are the ones that interact with fat cells. And upon stimulating them, cells begin the lipolysis process which is to free the fatty acids and release them in the bloodstream. This results in eliminating triglycerides which cause the increase in size of cells that store fats. That is the reason for tremendous fat burns seen.

Why is it famous for fat loss?

  1. It’s unique ability to preserve and increase the lean mass in the body that makes it the favorite among body builders.
  2. To add more, one needs very little efforts with Clen to shed away those extra calories. Hence, it is very popular and increasingly accepted by many Hollywood actors.

What are the side effects?

The abuse of any drug will cause side effects. The same is the case with Clen. But the good thing is that these are short termed and can be minimized by following a safe dose and including a lot of water intake. So, here are some side effects:

  • dizziness,
  • heart palpitations,
  • anxiety, overheating,
  • heart problems,
  • raising blood pressure,
  • muscular tremors/cramps,
  • increased appetite and
  • Abnormal sweating.

Should you be taking Clen?

The results are great and the side effects can be minimized. So, is it advisable to start a Clen cycle for weight loss?

Do contact your doctor before starting the dose and do get yourself checked on a regular basis to avoid severe side effects. You also need to have a proper diet and exercise to put you in healthy calorie deficit and help your body to burn it by using Clen.