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Tips to Help you Build a Better Deck

Building a deck outside your place is a very effective way of increasing your living space. A deck adds beauty and value to your home and increases the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. There are numerous options available for decking. Decking can help you in bringing a visual interest in the looks of your place. For building the best deck you need to be aware of some tips and tricks. A few correct decisions can make a great difference. Here is a list of tips to help you build a better deck.

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  • Get a permit

After studying your local building codes and ethics get a permit if required. It may seem costly at this time but is worth spending, because you don’t want it to be a deal breaker when you are willing to sell your place. Most towns and cities have qualified engineers to review your building plans. Show them your basic design, dimensions, use the correct post and footing sizes. This may be the best insurance for your deck’s long life. This will also help in assuring a safe and secure deck for your visitors and loved ones. Getting a permit will prevent future troubles.

  • Decide the location for your deck

This is an important decision and must be made after thinking carefully. You must decide where you want your deck to be- attached to your front door or back door, or on the second storey of your house, or do you want it to be freestanding. Some centers can help you in choosing the correct location using design soft wares which can help you design your decks.

  • Select the right material

You must properly research the deck material available. Some of the available materials aretraditional redwood or cedar decking materials, exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, composite and PVC decking like TimberTech, AZEK, Fiberon, Clubhouse, &Trex decking materials. You must choose according to your need and desires. Nowadays composite and PVC decking is becoming highly popular as they are durable and have low maintenance costs.

  • Get multiple bids

Getting bids for your decking is a good idea, even if you are thinking of doing it yourself. As this will help you understand which is the best option-DIY or hiring a professional. Compare the quotes of various contractors and select the one who can provide good work at minimum costs.

  • Board selection

You must buy the best quality boards for your wooden decking. Try to avoid cupped and carved boards as much as possible. The knots on the edges of the board can also cause problems. Select the boards diligently with utmost attention.

  • Hire the best contractor

Considering the complexities of the job along with its importance in beautifying the looks of your place, hiring a professional is the best option. This will ensure good quality work and within proper time-frame. For hiring the best decking contractor, research properly. Ask for referrals from friends or family, look online. Check out their licenses and insurance policies along with their experiences. Hiring the right men for the job is crucial and must be done carefully.