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Gifts are never about how much you spend on them but how you present them. After all it is the gesture that counts. There is no better way to show appreciation than by a personalised and thoughtful gift. Below are some tips to get the best corporate gift for your senior and forge a cherished working relationship.

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1.Go for the best in the class– If someone wears an Omega watch, then giving them a Seiko may make your gift just go unnoticed. In such a case go for consumables like a luxury box of chocolates to make an impression.

2.Go for something they will use– Giving a practical gift will show thoughtfulness on your part. There is no use gifting something that would only add clutter to someone’s house and would be gifted further or thrown away. For instance, if you know your client likes to bake, you could gift them a stand mixer, or if they like coffee, a great coffee grinder or espresso machine would make for a great machine.

3.Gift something long-lasting– While small gifts are a great way to say thanks, sometimes you want to gift something that will last and remind that person of your thoughtfulness. However, a long lasting gift doesn’t have to be a plaque catching dust on the wall; it could be something like a monthly subscription of a gifts basket for a year.

4.Make it personalised-What could be better than getting a surprise gift? A personalised one. And the options are many. From gold-plated embossed diary and pen to a gift basket every month with a personalised tag message with the client’s name to branded cupcakes for the entire office.

5.Make it Repeatable– It is best to keep an approved supplier for your gifts, who has a range of options and promises to deliver quality every time on time that your clients look forward to.

6.Don’t just gift the client- Depending on the occasion, don’t just gift your client, but also include their family and team to enjoy themselves. This will help you make a better impression overall.

7.Gift when not Unexpected- While everyone expects a gift at occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or Thanksgiving, giving a gift another unexpected time will make your gift stand out. A pick-me-up gift during January would be appreciated even more.

8.Avoid Tacky- Always go for classy over tacky. A loud, branded gift will only shout tacky. Subtle branding and a personalized message would make for a classy gift which stays on their mind.

9.Gift luxuries in an affordable manner- Gift the best in class which is luxurious but also affordable and doesn’t blow up your budget such as a box of customised cupcakes or the best box of macaroons rather than a cheaper watch.

10.Don’t just gift, Award- While some occasions call for gifts, you could surprise with an award. Such as the most hard-working employee, or employee of the month and so on. An award can always be complemented with a gift. An award will not just show appreciation but would also add to that person’s profile and motivate them to work harder.

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