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Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System In Richmond

The weather in Richmond makes a central air conditioning system very important to any homeowner. Living in a comfortable setting in Richmond can be almost impossible without good air conditioning, and that means that you have to pay attention to maintenance. A homeowner can take care of the basics of air conditioning maintenance and leave the complicated repairs to a contractor.

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It is important to find a reliable air filter supplier in Richmond to help supply high quality filters to use in your air conditioner. Most homes in Richmond run their central air conditioning all year round, which means that you should be changing your filters once every two or three months.

Clear Away Debris

Over time, different types of debris can fall on and even inside your air conditioning unit. Branches can fall from trees and get stuck in the vents or, even worse, the vents get jammed up with leaves. At least once a week, you should check out your air conditioning and remove any debris that has fallen on or inside the unit. You should also make sure the grass is trimmed around the base of your air conditioning so it does not clog up any exhaust ports. It is important to spend time every week making sure that the energy efficiency on your air conditioning is not being compromised by debris.

Check For Damage

While most homeowners are not qualified to do repairs on their air conditioner, they can still check the unit out once a month and bring in an expert to handle any problems. When inspecting your unit, look for loose wires or leaking hoses. Sometimes hoses leak from a small hole, or they can leak at either end from a loose clamp.

If you want your air conditioning unit to remain energy efficient, then you have to be conscious of doing routine maintenance. You should also have an expert technician come to you home once every six months to look the unit over and recommend repairs.