Facebook Knew of Inflated Video Ad Metrics for a Year Before Disclosing Them, Lawsuit Alleges

After the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and the recent security breach of millions of accounts’ private data, Facebook is now in the headlines due to litigation from a small group of advertisers alleging that it withheld information regarding a video metric goof-up for a year. According to the plaintiffs, Facebook knew of a mistake in the method in how it […]


Red Dead Redemption 2 India Release Date May Be Delayed

Red Dead Redemption 2’s India release date may be delayed. The hotly anticipated open-world adventure from Rockstar Games is out on October 26 though most of India may get it a couple of days later. Several customers tipped off Gadgets 360 that the stores they pre-ordered it from had told them that they were given “special instructions […]


Google Pixel Buds’ Real-Time Translation Now Available to All Assistant-Optimised Headphones

Google unveiled its first wireless headphones Pixel Buds alongside the Pixel 2 series last year. The Pixel Buds’ key highlight was that they supported real-time translation, thanks to Google Assistant optimisation, but they worked only with the Pixel Phones exclusively. However, Google has now quietly rolled out support for the real-time translation feature for all Assistant-optimised headphones, which will work with all […]


Rocket League’s Cross-Platform Parties Feature ‘RocketID’ Delayed Again

Rocket League developer Psyonix is once again delaying the release of cross-platform parties — a feature it had dubbed as ‘RocketID’ — this time to early 2019, it announced Wednesday. The repeated delays have turned into a blessing in disguise of sorts though, with Psyonix now looking to build RocketID across all platforms including the PS4, given Sony’s […]


Spider-Man PS4 DLC ‘The Heist’: First Look at Three New Suits

Marvel’s Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games has provided further details for the first downloadable content (DLC) chapter out next week, Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist, including a look at three new suits for the web-slinger and the story portions involving Black Cat. The three new suits in question are the Resilient Suit from comic book illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto, who has previously […]


Facebook to Say Who Pays for UK Political Adverts

Facebook said on Tuesday that it would require British political adverts posted on its pages to carry disclaimers and identity flags, in an attempt to crack down on the spread of misinformation. Britain’s parliament has called for tech firms such as Facebook to be made liable for disseminating misleading political information and targeting citizens using data […]


PS4 Games at Rs. 999 With Sony India Diwali Offer: Here’s the Full List

Select PS4 games in India have received a price cut to Rs. 999 as a part of Sony’s Diwali offers. While past PS4 game schemes have seen certain titles have an effective Rs. 999 price point, this time around Sony has made their prices a flat Rs. 999 per game for titles that usually retail for Rs. 1,499. […]


Facebook Workplace to Get Safety Check Feature Next Year

To help organisations locate their people in a crisis, Facebook is planning to introduce the Safety Check feature in Workplace, the social network’s messaging service for businesses. “With Safety Check, if a crisis arises, organisations can identify who may be affected, send multiple modes of notification, and monitor employee responses. And they can do it fast,” Facebook said […]


Lenovo S5 Pro With Dual Front Cameras to Launch on October 18, Specifications Leaked on TENAA

Lenovo launched the S5 smartphone in March, and it now looks to bring the S5 Pro next week. The company has announced that the Lenovo S5 Pro will be launched next week on October 18. The teaser poster also reveals that the smartphone will sport dual front cameras. To recall, the Lenovo S5 sports only one front camera, while […]


Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Now Available in India

The Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro console is now available in India. While the rest of the world received this special PS4 Pro variant on the Spider-Man PS4 release date of September 7, Sony India has only brought it to the country right now. And much like the God of War PS4 Pro console, it’s not cheap. The Limited […]