Valve Responds to Artifact Monetisation Concerns

Valve Responds to Artifact Monetisation Concerns

Valve’s upcoming digital collectible card game Artifact has been facing backlash over its monetisation systems since the launch of the closed beta, and the company responded to those concerns Sunday, noting the absence of features in the initial beta build that would be available upon launch on November 28 and would help alleviate some of the problems.

Artifact costs Rs. 1,499 upfront, which comes with a bunch of starter cards. All new cards you need after that either come via new packs, which cost real money; have to be bought via the Steam marketplace where you can also sell cards; or won through game modes that require event tickets, which also cost real money. Effectively, the game will end up being a lot more than Rs. 1,499 for players.

Moreover, the new card packs you buy can also come with starter cards, which can’t be used and can’t be sold since everyone has them from the beginning. Valve said it’s now “adding a system that allows extra, unwanted cards to be recycled into event tickets”, which will be available before the end of beta in the next week or so.

“Much of that feedback has been a clear signal that we underestimated how much interest and excitement the community has around certain features that weren’t available in the initial beta build,” it added. The next beta build for Artifact will include improvements to the draft event options: players will be able to draft with friends, and also practice a Casual Phantom Draft without spending an event ticket.