IBM Watson amps up Moogfest 2016 with AI-infused programming

IBM Watson came to Moogfest 2016, but there were no Jeopardy! questions this time around. If you’ve been following, you already know that IBM Watson, an artificially intelligent system capable of answering questions in natural language, has been up to much more than that recently. At Moogfest, IBM Watson team spokesperson Ally Schneider was on hand […]


Chinese phones or Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC?

Times are changing and in the smartphone market they change quickly. If you wanted to buy an Android device three years ago you had the choice between manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC. Chinese smartphones were usually out of the question. The devices were considered cheap replicas of famous brands with poor hardware on […]


Lenovo likely to kill off Moto X series in ‘Moto Z’ rebranding

The leak arrives via Evan Blass, who also recently speculated that the devices would feature a modular design. The decision to rebrand the Moto X, and not the fourth-generation Moto G range, suggests that the Moto X series may not be as successful as Lenovo would like. Lenovo’s adoption of the Moto Z moniker could also affect Verizon-branded Moto […]


Project Ara denies everyone the modules they want

Google’s Project Ara, to many, represented a way to defy in-built obsolescence. Instead of having a battery die after a couple of years and take the whole device down with it, or your CPU eventually becoming too old to run the most demanding apps and games, Project Ara promised a modular device that would allow you […]


Samsung Galaxy S7 Active release date, price, specs, features

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active release date and price A new leak gives us an idea of when the Galaxy S7 Active will be unveiled. We have two new renders of what is being reported as the S7 Active, which can be viewed below, and both have the date and time of 12:45 June 10. This […]


The best music streaming apps for Android

Spotify, Google, Amazon and Apple at a glance APPLE MUSIC AMAZON PRIME MUSIC SPOTIFY GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC FREE TRIAL PERIOD Three months 30 days 30 days 30 days PRICE US$9.99 per month / US$14.99 for family membership (up to six people) $US99 per year for up to two adults US$9.99 per month / US$14.99 for […]


ESET mobile security for Android – 66% off

Your data security is paramount and you should never take it for granted. The loss of sensitive information could result in stolen identity, bank account theft or credit card fraud. That’s why you should safeguard your information with a top Android antivirus program like the ESET mobile security software. The ESET system catches threats before […]


How to backup Android data with MobiKin Assistant for Android

Backup your text messages and contacts on Android Losing your text messages or contacts can be devastating. They are highly valuable and regarded as some of the most important data stored on your Android device. That’s why you need a professional Android file manager like MobiKin Assistant for Android to backup and manage these effectively. The MobiKin system lets […]


OnePlus 3 price, release date, specs and rumors

OnePlus 3 price and release date CNET en Espanol got an exclusive interview with OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei. While he didn’t disclose any details about the design of the OnePlus 3, Mr Pei did disclose an estimated launch date; the end of the second quarter of 2016. A leak in early May suggested the OnePlus 3 base model […]


This app can help you build better habits

Can an app really change your life? I started out my journey with Fabulous six weeks ago and was skeptical. A friend told me it did a lot for him in just a short period of time. And I agreed. He looked healthier, seemed sharper and was generally happier than before. He told me that his work […]