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Huawei Says 5G ‘Business as Usual’ Despite US Sanctions

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei said Wednesday that its 5G business has not been impacted by the recent US sanctions amid a prolonged trade war between the world’s two largest economies. “I can clearly tell everyone here that our current 5G technology solutions are completely unaffected by the sanctions,” said Ken Hu, Huawei’s deputy chairman, during […]

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Choosing the Right Industrial Blender

A mixer is a major investment, and choosing the right machine from the many industrial blenders on the market can be a big decision. Take a look at these common blenders to see which one might be best for your business. Ribbon Blender Ribbon blenders are characterized by longer blades. This design makes ribbon blenders […]

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chicken tikka masala recipe

You can make chicken tikka masala if you like Indian food and have fresh chicken or cooked leftover chicken on hand. This delicious Indian dish has a tomato – based sauce flavored with traditional Indian seasonings and spice blends like coriander, cumin, and masala garam. It all began in the 1970s when a grumbling client […]

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Huawei Watch GT With 2-Week Battery Life Launched in India Starting at Rs. 15,990, Band 3 Pro and Band 3e Debut as Well

Highlights Huawei Watch GT comes in Classic Edition and Sport Edition variants The Huawei smartwatch comes with a starting price of Rs. 15,990 Huawei Band 3 Pro will be available in India from March 19 Huawei Watch GT has been launched in India. The new smartwatch by Huawei, which was unveiled back in October last […]

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CES 2019: Philips Hue Outdoor Lineup Gets Motion Sensor, New Outdoor Fixtures

Philips announced a new line of Hue Outdoor lighting products at CES last year and at CES 2019, Philips is making a few new additions to it. The Philips Hue Outdoor sensor and a few new wall-mounted lights join the existing outdoor lighting range consisting of outdoor bulbs, light strips, and lamps. The Hue Outdoor […]

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Why The CSPO Course Is Important To Being Agile

Being Agile and applying Scrum practices is a continuous process where the CSPO is a very important aspect. The Certified Scrum Product Owner course is the fast track for better prospects in Agile. Your practical skills as a CSPO, and efficient project management means success for you and the enterprise. The Scrum Agile suite is popular and is […]

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9Stack Reviews

Today we are living into the era of virtual reality and to cherish the same we have managed to get over all the things that we are up to; either it may be the earning the bread and butter or let it may be the entertainment, we have equal opportunities online as that of offline. […]

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Do You Need to Buy a Deaerator

There might be a point in the future when you determine that the deaerator you are currently using is no longer working as well as it should. You should not ignore something like this. You need a deaerator that is working at peak efficiency in order to complete your tasks quickly. Therefore, you should seriously […]

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8 Tips to Maximize Kitchen Space

Kitchen spaces are often ignored when buying or building a new house. People say that they can live with a cramped kitchen as long as they are getting that floor to ceiling window bedroom. But soon they realize what a big mistake they made. On the other hand, some people get lucky and get a […]