Facebook Knew of Inflated Video Ad Metrics for a Year Before Disclosing Them, Lawsuit Alleges

After the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and the recent security breach of millions of accounts’ private data, Facebook is now in the headlines due to litigation from a small group of advertisers alleging that it withheld information regarding a video metric goof-up for a year. According to the plaintiffs, Facebook knew of a mistake in the method in how it […]


Facebook to Say Who Pays for UK Political Adverts

Facebook said on Tuesday that it would require British political adverts posted on its pages to carry disclaimers and identity flags, in an attempt to crack down on the spread of misinformation. Britain’s parliament has called for tech firms such as Facebook to be made liable for disseminating misleading political information and targeting citizens using data […]


Facebook Workplace to Get Safety Check Feature Next Year

To help organisations locate their people in a crisis, Facebook is planning to introduce the Safety Check feature in Workplace, the social network’s messaging service for businesses. “With Safety Check, if a crisis arises, organisations can identify who may be affected, send multiple modes of notification, and monitor employee responses. And they can do it fast,” Facebook said […]


WhatsApp Co-Founder Acton Clashed With Zuckerberg, Sandberg Over Monetisation: Report

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton had disagreements with Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerbergand Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg over monetisation of the messaging service before he left the company, according to an interview with Acton published by Forbes on Wednesday. Facebook-owned Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were the latest senior executives to leave the social media company on Monday, with many media […]


Facebook Expands Fake Election News Fight, but Falsehoods Still Rampant

Another training exercise looked at how the company would handle a burst of pages administered in other countries suddenly promoting material related to the US election. Even as Facebook ran exercises, an article published Wednesday by the Facebook-supported Digital Forensic Research Lab at the Atlantic Council found that of the four most popular articles being shared […]


Facebook’s New AI Tool Can Identify Offensive Memes

In a bid to curtail offensive memes that promote hate speech, Facebook is building a novel artificial intelligence (AI) system that uses machine learning to identify text in images and videos as well as transcribe it. While tools to transcribe text are nothing new, the company faces different challenges because of the size, sheer volume of photos […]


Mark Zuckerberg says it will take him another year to ‘fix’ Facebook

He posted on Facebook on Friday that his personal challenge for 2018 has been to fix the most important issues facing Facebook. These include defending it against election interference by nation states, protecting the community from abuse and harm and making sure people control their own information. “The most important effort — rebuilding all of our […]


Facebook Researcher Tied to Cambridge Analytica Quits

After becoming infamous for helping the controversial British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica harvest tens of millions of Facebook users’ profiles, a psychology researcher with the social networking giant has left the company, the media reported. A Facebook spokesperson declined to explain when or why the researcher, Joseph Chancellor, had left the company, or to detail the […]


Facebook Accuses BlackBerry of Stealing Voice-Messaging Tech

Facebook is suing BlackBerry for patent infringement, escalating the legal battle between the two companies over protected technology. In a 118-page complaint filed Tuesday in San Francisco federal court, Facebook accused BlackBerry of stealing its voice messaging technology, among other patented processes. Facebook is seeking unspecified damages for infringement of six patents. BlackBerry didn’t immediately respond to messages […]


Facebook Briefly Removed Cross-Posted Tweets, Says Deleted Twitter App for Facebook Responsible

Facebook removed all cross-posted tweets from its site, before restoring them. All the tweets that users had shared on Facebook, with the cross-posting option, were no longer showing up in memories, and the comments and likes associated with that post had disappeared. Facebook was quick to acknowledge the issue, and said that it was investigating the […]