Microsoft Says Hackers Had Access to Some Accounts for 3 Months

Coming to terms with a hacking and data breach case, Microsoft is reaching out to some users informing them of an hack which exposed data sent over emails to hackers who kept accessing their accounts between January 1 to March 28. Founded in 1996, is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services […]


Microsoft Teams Gets Smart Camera, Location Sharing; Integration APIs and ‘Praise’ to Arrive Soon

In its bid to outclass Slack as the better team collaboration service, Microsoft has added a host of new features to Microsoft Teams aimed at ‘firstline workers’. The new features introduced by Microsoft include location sharing, smart camera, and the ability to record and share audio messages. Microsoft also plans to add a new ‘Praise’ […]


Microsoft HoloLens AR Headset Wanted by US Army for the Battlefield

Virtual- and augmented-reality headsets haven’t had much traction in the consumer market, but they’re finding a place on the battlefield. The US Army said Thursday that it has awarded Microsoft a $480 million contract to supply its HoloLens headsets to soldiers. The Microsoft HoloLens head-mounted displays use augmented reality, which means viewers can see virtual imagery superimposed […]


Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One X Update Now Live

The Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One X update is now available for download. It brings 4K and HDR support to Microsoft’s collection of sci-fi shooters. In addition to this, Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch promises improved matchmaking, offline support for LAN, faster load times, and customisable installation. The Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One X update […]


PUBG Xbox One Disc Release Revealed, Here’s What You Get

To celebrate PUBG Xbox One version 1.0, PUBG Corp has announced that the game will be getting a physical release on disc. It will be available when the game exits Xbox Game Preview on September 4. Aside from being the first physical, disc release of PUBG, there will be some extras to go with it in the […]


Apple and Amazon Lead the Pack to $1 Trillion Market Value

For a long time, Apple appeared to be flying solo to a $1 trillion (roughly Rs. 68.7 lakh crores) market value, but Amazon is right at its heels – and experts have no fears of a tech bubble. Apple, at $939 billion (roughly Rs. 64.5 lakh crores), remains the highest-valued private company on the global markets – and could […]


EU Copyright Reforms Draw Fire From Internet Luminaries as Key Vote Looms

Europe’s attempts to force Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants to share revenues with publishers and bear liability for Internet content have triggered criticism from Internet pioneers ahead of a key vote on Wednesday. Two years after the European Commission presented plans to reform rules to take into account the growing role of online platforms, a key […]


New Windows 10 build kills controversial password-sharing Wi-Fi Sense

When Microsoft announced Windows 10, it added a feature called Wi-Fi Sense that had previously debuted on the Windows Phone operating system. Wi-Fi Sense was a password-sharing option that allowed you to share Wi-Fi passwords with your friends and contacts in Skype, Outlook, and Facebook. Here’s how Microsoft described the featurelast year: “When you share […]


Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update doubles up on Start Menu advertising

One of the changes Microsoft introduced when it launched Windows 10 was the ability to show suggested applications, aka advertisements, within the Start Menu and on the lock screen. The “suggested application” function can be disabled relatively easily, but Microsoft is making changes in Windows 10 to increase application visibility and hopefully entice more users […]


Microsoft releases unofficial service pack for Windows 7

One of the disadvantages to using an older Microsoft operating system is the need to install several hundred megabytes of patches after the initial OS is loaded. In the past, Microsoft ameliorated this problem by releasing several service packs over the life of the OS, but Windows 7 only ever got one service pack, in […]