Software makes additive build prep of dental frameworks 75% faster

Global engineering company Renishaw offers QuantAM Dental software, which automates additive manufacturing (AM) build preparation for hundreds of dental frameworks in a single operation. The software, which was launched in March 2017, can cut preparation time from two hours or more with existing build preparation software to around 30 minutes. The 75% reduction allows dental […]


Design software speeds time to shelf by 50%

New package design—from initial concept to full-scale production—can oftentimes be a long and laborious process, involving research, 2D sketches, CAD drawings, structural analysis, buy-in from stakeholders, prototypes, focus groups, and more. At any point, designers may need to take a step back in the process to tweak or rework a design. All of this can […]

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Evaluate Your Agile Methodologies with Agile Management certification

In the present IT scenario, no tasks can be done without using the software. These days, every single task is accomplished with the reliable assistance of the software, right from song downloading to completing a task. There are different types of software programs out there on the market. Not every company wants to use the […]


Nvidia’s Ansel, VR Funhouse apps will enhance screenshots, showcase company’s VR technology

Friday night’s big GTX 1080 unveil was the talk of the tech community, but it’s not the only project that Nvidia unveiled this past weekend. The company also showcased a pair of software projects it’s working on to showcase both its efforts in VR and its ability to beautify game screenshots. Nvidia’s Ansel (named after […]


ESET mobile security for Android – 66% off

Your data security is paramount and you should never take it for granted. The loss of sensitive information could result in stolen identity, bank account theft or credit card fraud. That’s why you should safeguard your information with a top Android antivirus program like the ESET mobile security software. The ESET system catches threats before […]